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Hand crafted from the finest leathers.

Decades of experience working with leather goods.

Made right here in the USA.

Moonstruck Leather is a family-owned and operated business of avid shooters. We’ve spent a lifetime working with some of the world’s finest genuine leathers and hides, and working with craftsmen in the trade throughout our careers. We know leather.

In our free time, we enjoy spending time at the range and designing new products with luxurious and exotic leather for women who conceal carry. All of our products are finely handcrafted with pride in the USA from the finest genuine leathers available, and we continually strive to develop new and innovative products at affordable prices.

I have fond memories of my dad and I plinking at targets on bales of straw when I was young. When I received my concealed handgun license however, I immediately recognized there were very few options for women that were well made and stylish yet provided safety for both gun owner and gun. I needed a holster of sorts to protect my gun, but I didn’t want anything heavy or the flimsy fabric carriers the Sporting Goods stores sold.

A Business Was Born – The Diva Sleeve

My husband, Don, and I had both been in the leather industry for many years and I decided I could make a holster that fit my needs. I went to work designing what would become the Diva Sleeve. Friends saw it and told their friends and before long I was getting orders! I saw the need for stylish concealment items for ladies and we began production.

What started as a simple idea grew to be a business devoted to women concealed handgun carriers. We have since added purses to our line of finely crafted leather goods, built with beautiful designer leathers in a variety of leathers and styles for women who want and deserve the very best, each handmade right here in Texas.

To all of you, from all of us at Moonstruck Leather, thank you for stopping by!

Beckie Moon

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Made in the USA
All MoonStruck Leather products are hand crafted in the USA using only the finest, premium leathers and hides available. 

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