Craftsmanship you can depend on.

We stand behind the quality of every product we sell in both construction and materials. Every purse is meticulously hand cut, sewn and constructed by experienced leather craftsmen to our exacting standards. From the selection of the leather to the last stitch, we guarantee you’ll love your MoonStruck Leather purse.

The Finest Leather

We hand select each full-sized hide we purchase, inspecting every inch to ensure artistic character, but no flaws. Vibrant colors to hair on hide, we only pick the best of the best for every design we create.

Superior Hardware

Every ring, loop, and buckle is chosen for its character, strength, and lifespan. Heavy-duty hardware ensures your purse will withstand every day with elegance. We want your purse to perform and look good doing it.

Heavy-Duty Materials

We understand the abuse a purse gets over the course of a lifetime. Our lining, zippers, and even the thread are chosen to withstand the everyday beating a purse receives so it never lets you down.

Perfect Seams

What makes a purse luxurious is the quality of every stitch. We’ve worked with leather for decades and know that the true measure of a handcrafted leather product lies in the details. We never miss a stitch.